If you want to bid on or buy a PIX, first make sure your trading wallet is connected. Once that’s done, go to the Marketplace menu. Now press Explore to view purchasable PIX on the map. Zoom in and move around to see the PIX available in that specific location. Once you find the PIX or bundle you want to buy - click on it.
You can also find the PIX you’re looking for by searching for it in the Marketplace menu. Narrow your search by using filters for rarity and location. If the PIX or bundle says “Current bid” this is an auction where the player with the highest bid will win the PIX at the end of the auction. To bid on a PIX, press “Bid” and type in a value of IXT higher than the current bid. Now press “Place bid” and confirm the transaction in your wallet; you’ve now placed a bid on the PIX. If your bid is the highest when the auction ends, or if the owner accepts your bid, you win and own the PIX.
Bidding on PIX
However, if it says “Buy now” this is a fixed price where you can buy the PIX instantly for the listed set price – first come, first serve. To buy the PIX for a fixed price, simply press “Buy now” and confirm the transaction in your web3 wallet. Once the transaction is completed you’re the new proud owner of the PIX.
Buy Now