HAVEBLUE CORPORATION: Haveblue Cosmetics AG PRODUCT: Cosmetics Vendor YEAR FOUNDED: 2501

COMPANY PROFILE: One of the newest companies in IX. Founded in 2501 to create a healthy status competition amongst all Agents of Change. Want to show-off your well-deserved achievements? Haveblue has exactly what you are looking for.

CURRENT OFFERING: HaveBlue is the place to go when you want to customize the look and feel of your own profile in the game. Whether it is a new banner, a fresh background or getting any of the upcoming avatars, HaveBlue has everything you need to stand out and level up. A true Agent of Change must live up to their name. HaveBlue takes a small portion of each purchase and keep in the HaveBlue wallet. This Wallet is governed by the HaveBlue MetaShares.

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