Metashares are the governance tokens for the in-game corporations. This enables players to invest in different corporations by purchasing meta-shares. This gives the holders of the MetaShare governance rights to the said in-game corporation.
Giving the possibility to dictate the future of the game and how to use the treasury accumulated by sales from the company. Metashares can be staked to earn $IXT in their respective corporation. Each corporation will have a specific amount of Metashares
  • NetEmpire: 2,999
  • Y_: 333,333
  • Newlands: 269,269
  • Eternalab, 188,888
  • Global Waste Systems: 111,111
  • HaveBlue: 222,222
  • Gravity Grade: 99,999
  • Arcade: 13,368
  • Lucky Cat: 77,777