6. Refine Waste at EternaLab

From Mission Control, you can select the light blue corporation icon to visit Eternalab, a research institute that focuses on the study of Planet IX.

Here, you will have the opportunity to refine Waste to discover Bio-M0ds, Blueprints, and other resources essential for the development of your Base.

Select "Refine Waste".

Click "Next" to proceed to the Refine section.

Here, you can choose the amount of Waste you wish to refine. The maximum limit is 200 waste at a time.

In the next step, you will see the estimated time it will take to refine your Waste, as well as the percentage likelihood of obtaining each asset.

Once the transaction is completed, you have the option to either wait for the estimated time or accelerate it using the in-game currency Astro Credits.

Please note that while conducting experiments at Eternalabs, there is no guarantee of obtaining an asset, and it will take some time for the Waste prospecting process to be completed.

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