Planet IX consists of 1,6 billion hexagons of virtual land called PIX. These PIX are divided into different classifications and tiers depending on where theyโ€™re located and some are more rare than others. Each PIX is a unique NFT and purchased from the Gravity Grade or NetEmpire corporation.

PIX have two main uses: 1. Connect with other PIX to form Territories in NetEmpire 2. Stake in Mission Control to farm WASTE

By farming WASTE with PIX you can use EternaLab or GWS to recycle WASTE and turn it into more useful assets.

By connecting PIX with adjacent PIX in NetEmpire you can form Territories once you have the required amount of connected PIX. Territories allow you to replace PIX on your Mission Control tiles and farm more Energy per 24/h when staked below a Facility. Territories also have their own staking pool which they can benefit from.

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