Out-put generating

Energy is produced by staking your Facility. The level and tier of your Facility, times the power of your land, determines how much Energy is produced.

Outlier: Produces Energy every 24 hours Common: Produces Energy every 20 hours Uncommon: Produces Energy every 16 hours Rare: Produces Energy every 12 hours Legendary: Produces Energy every 8 hours

A single PIX gives 1 Power AREA Territory gives 3 Power SECTOR Territory gives 4 Power ZONE Territory gives 5 Power DOMAIN Territory gives 6 Power The Facility can be upgraded all the way up to LVL 3. This means that a LVL 3 Facility together with an AREA Territory produces 9 Energy (3x3). The tier of your Facility & Land also dictates how fast Energy is produced.

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