The Drones are Planet IX first example of a tech asset. These are machines and contraptions which either perform existing functions more efficiently, or introduce entirely new mechanics into the metaverse. The Piercer Drones were sold to our early supporters and no more of this specific tech will ever be sold. Since the drones are mintable as ERC-1155 NFTs, they can be traded or sold on the secondary market. To ensure fairness to new players, there will be a cap on the number of Drones a player can utilize in Mission Control. New players who wish to own a Drone will have to trade with existing owners to acquire one.

The Drone is staked on the tiles in Mission Control and farms the ERC-1155 WASTE Token, after 48 hours it reaches MAX capacity and the WASTE needs to be claimed. Players without the Piercer Drone or Genesis Drone can also collect waste but will be disadvantaged in this regard as compared to players who do own a Harvester Drone.

The Genesis Drone will yield an average of 14 Waste per day (24h), where the waste will be generated according to a Poisson(14) distribution. Meanwhile, the slightly less exclusive Piercer Drone will generate an average of 13 waste per day, again according to a Poisson distribution.

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