What is a Territory

Players can connect individual PIX to create a Territory. Territories come in a variety of sizes and tiers, depending on the type and amount of PIX you connect. There are Outlier, Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Legendary PIX. The location on the map determines the tier of a PIX.

For instance, connecting 10 outlier PIX together allow you to create a single Outlier AREA. If a player wants to create a Legendary Area, it is required to connect 50 Legendary PIX to each other. The higher the tier, the more difficult it will become to form a Territory. This is because the rewards in the game are equally bigger too.

The more PIX a player can connect in the same location on the map, the bigger a Territory becomes. Here is another example. If a player has formed 20 Legendary Areas, and they are still all connected to each other on the map, the player can turn this into a Legendary Domain. As you can see in the image below, a Legendary Domain requires a total of 1,000 connected Legendary PIX. That is 20 Areas, talk about dedication!

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