3. Trade Land

When you log in to the game, you will discover a digital representation of Earth, which serves as the map for Planet IX. This is the evolving world all Agents of Change are terraforming.

Your first task is to secure a piece of land on Planet IX. These land plots, known as PIX, come in different tiers. Later on, you can either combine multiple PIX to create larger territories or stake them in Mission Control to generate resources.

We will explain these concepts in detail later, but it's good to know that you can employ various strategies to trade PIX and maximize your rewards.

To purchase your first PIX, you'll need to select one of the available "buy now" PIX from the marketplace. Initially, you can just choose any spot on the map where you would like to build, and you can always sell your PIX later on.

For a better understanding of the gameplay on the map, please check out the video and pictures below.

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