How to stake Territory

Minted your first Territory? Well done A.O.C! Now let's celebrate this achievement by staking your Territory. In our 'Staking Dashboard' you will find every possible way to earn passive income by staking in-game assets. Territories most definitely are one of them.

Scroll down on the staking dashboard until you see the content below. Because you haven't staked any Territory yet, it will show zero rewards. Don't worry, we are going to make this look much better by staking your first territory. Proceed by clicking 'Go to Territories'.

Don't be overwhelmed by what you see. The Planet IX team added a lot of exciting and visual information for A.O.C's to keep track on their rewards. All you have to worry about for now is staking your first territory. This will most likely be an 'Area', so simply scroll down the page until you found your Area. From there on proceed to stake your Area territory. Once the transaction is confirmed, your rewards will start updating soon in real-time. How's that for motivation to start connecting your second area?! The more Territory you stake, in higher tiers and larger sizes, the more rewarding it will become.

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