What are Facilities?

Facilities are in-game assets that can be constructed through the in-game corporation Newlands. A facility can be constructed using a combination of Astro Credits, bio-m0ds and blueprints. There will be a construction period associated with building a facility, so players should plan accordingly. Similar to PIX and Territories, there will be corresponding five tier levels for the facilities: outlier, common, uncommon, rare and legendary. Refer to the table below on the resources required to construct a facility:

Constructing a facility

The tier of facilities constructed will be based on a probability model, with legendary facilities being the facility with the lowest chance of being constructed. Players can shift the probability of constructing a facility of a certain tier by adding more bio-m0ds of that specific tier in their facilities construction. The more bio-m0ds that are burned the higher the chance of building a facility of that tier. The table below outlines the base probabilities of constructing a facility of each respective tier:

Facilities will be a strong asset to stake in Mission Control, as it will generate Energy. Higher rarity facilities will be more powerful, and it will create more energy. We will detail energy more in our next explanatory post including how to acquire it and its utility. There will be a large staking component associated with energy as it will be used to enter into staking pools with rewards that will be distributed in $IXT and PIX. Stay tuned for more explanatory materials over the new game mechanics that will be launched in conjunction with Mission Control.

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