ETERNALAB CORPORATION: EternaLab® PRODUCT: Lab Filtration & Purification YEAR FOUNDED: 2109

COMPANY PROFILE: Welcome to EternaLab®. A trusted partner for the waste management industry and laboratory. Our widest range of state-of-the-art labbased ultrafiltration devices are used to concentrate and filter our clients matters and hopefully provide them with a cleaner end product.

CURRENT OFFERING: EternaLabs® is a waste refinery and one of the cleanest corporate giants operating in the Planet IX metaverse. For a small price, EternaLabs® will sift through waste in order to extract valuable assets such as Bio-M0ds, Easter Eggs, and Blueprints. It takes time for EternaLabs® to process waste, but depending on market conditions the rewards for providing your waste to EternaLabs® may at times be much greater compared to providing waste to Global Waste Systems. However, the chances of finding any of the highly coveted in-game assets are not guaranteed. EternaLabs® burns most of the waste that they go through, they do save a small percentage of the waste. This waste is governed by the EternaLabs® Metashare holders.

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