Raffle Tickets

raffle tickets are included in special pack drops, airdrops, or other events. There are different types of Raffle tickets; Regular, Premium and golden Landmarks are raffled off from Lucky Cat, one of the in-game corporations. IXT CAT RAFF is a new raffle hosted through the in-game corporation Lucky Cat, which is responsible for the raffles on Planet IX. Every Thursday at 12:00 AM GMT we will be hosting a draw of raffle tickets that players can purchase throughout the week by staking 10 IXT. Each A.O.C. can buy as many tickets as they like, and the tickets are valid for the draw that occurs every Thursday at 12.00 AM GMT.

There will be 5 winners each week, and the payout structure is below. The payout structure:

  1. 40%

  2. 27%

  3. 19%

  4. 10%

  5. 4%

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