What is Planet IX

Planet IX is an NFT-based strategy game

Planet IX is a free-to-play and play-to-earn Web3 game where a digital rendition of Earth is your playing field.

Since going on-chain in November 2021, Planet IX has amassed over 130,000 active players and 220,000+ Web3 wallets holding the game's own currency: IX Token, $IXT.

Being a Web3 game, Planet IX has a broader focus than just a fun and immersive gaming experience: empowering players through decentralization and building a rewarding economy for the community.

This is possible due to Planet IX's variation of innovative DeFi and staking components with common-sense tokenomics, as well as in-game incentives for players to gather various assets, develop their territories, and become prominent Agents of Change.

All in all, Planet IX is a huge gaming platform and features a marketplace, several in-game corporations, a multitude of assets and utilities, and a free gaming experience on mobile and desktop platforms.

During 2023, Planet IX will launch a multitude of different PVP and PVE games within the Planet IX platform.

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