Lucky Cat

LUCKY CAT CORPORATION: Lucky Cat PRODUCT: Raffles, Contests & Games YEAR FOUNDED: 2109

COMPANY PROFILE: Take a chance to hit the jackpot with Lucky Cat raffles and contests. With Lucky Cat - playtime is all the time!

CURRENT OFFERING: Lucky Cat is an in-game corporation that allows the A.O.C.ยดs to participate in raffles. These are lotteries where the winning ticket is awarded a Landmark share. In the future Lucky Cat will introduce no-loss lotteries and much more. A percentage of all sales from Lucky Cat is stored in the Lucky Cat wallet, this wallet is governed by the Lucky Cat MetaShare.

DEVELOPMENT PLANS: Lucky Cat is planning to develop a series of classically inspired games. The setup will be competitive player vs. player on top of the Planet IX tokenomics. The games will feature a large number of NFT assets which can be both purchased, traded and upgraded in the Metaverse of Planet IX. The Lucky Cat Classics will be built on top of an arena contract which guarantees safe and immutable systems for the competitive games. In other words enabling classical ESports with a decentralized payout system.

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