Prologue / Lore

In the year 2089 climate change has ravaged Earth. A lack of fresh air, clean water and fertile soil means the planet can no longer sustain life. Scrambling for what is left of the natural resources, citizens are now beginning to turn on each other. Civil unrest led to civil war and ultimately world war. As a response to the crumbling society, a radical cell was formed. Agents of Change, also known as A.O.C. Founded by Ame Valdis, the cellโ€™s plan is to de-life Earth. Disillusioned with the hostile environment and the people in it, the A.O.C. believe it is the only way for civilization to resurrect. A crucial element to truly begin again is the destruction of all living things and all that is human; history, art, culture, architecture and digital archives. Out of the ashes into the future. The A.O.C. begin their metamorphic destruction by poisoning the oceans, detonating bombs in nuclear power plants, burning forests and wiping all digital data. When they leave Earth in a fleet of ships looking for new planets, all talk of human history and the old world is strictly forbidden. Fast forward to the present day. The year 2539.

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