2. How to buy IXT

Planet IX is a Web3 game that features its own in-game currency called IX Token (IXT). IXT can be used within the game itself, but it can also be traded like any other cryptocurrency.

IXT is hosted on the Polygon network, and by owning IXT, you gain the ability to develop your lands and unlock additional rewards through gameplay or by staking.

We recommend two exchanges where you can acquire IXT. These exchanges have liquidity pools available for swapping wrapped ETH (WETH) or MATIC to IXT.

Before initiating the swap from WETH or MATIC to IXT, you'll need to ensure that you have sufficient funds in your Web3 wallet. So make sure to transfer some WETH or MATIC from an exchange to the wallet you intend to use for playing Planet IX!

Once you have swapped some crypto to IXT you can proceed to the next step!

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