How to build a Territory

Before choosing where to build your first Territory, determine your budget as well. Legendary PIX are the most desired PIX on the planet, and therefore harder to obtain. It will be more time consuming and costly, compared to lower tier PIX with the advantage of higher rewards. The individual players decide the strategy that fits best based on their own judgement.

Now the real fun begins, let's start building your first Territory! You start by going to Netempire on the Planet IX website. In the 'explore' tab you can scroll around the planet and zoom in on your desired location. For new players it is recommended to find a location on the map where there is a little amount of competition. And by that we mean other players building Territories on the same location. There is always a chance another player joins your location later, but you will have the advantage.

If you did not buy a starter pack previously, or don't own any PIX yet at all, you start from scratch. You should already have IXT in your wallet after exchanging some crypto funds on Quickswap. This can now be used to place bids on other AOC's PIX. Select as many PIX as you want to bid on in the same location on the map. We recommend to not go over 100 PIX bids at a time. In the following example we selected 11 PIX in The Netherlands and we are ready to make bids.

After clicking the 'BID' button, you can choose to make bid offers on individual PIX. You might want to offer more or less IXT on various PIX. If one of the PIX has an offer already, you can choose to make a higher bid in the hopes the seller accepts your bid. If you want to make the same offer on all the PIX, just check 'Same price on all', and the system will fill in the bids for you on all selected PIX.

If you have sufficient IXT in your balance, you can proceed to confirm the bids by signing transactions. Always be sure to read and safety check that you sign the appropriate transactions. Once you're satisfied with your bids it is only a matter of time before other players start accepting your bids. From there on you can continue this strategy daily to expand your ownership on a location. The moment you have combined enough PIX to form your first area, you can create this in the 'Manage Territories' tab. After clicking 'Create Territory', you can select all the PIX you want to use for your area and mint the new Area NFT. Repeat this process as often as you want, and expand your Territories. The more Territories you connect together, the higher your staking rewards will become.

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