Mission Control will be the central hub that gives each AoC an overview of their in-game assets. Through this new view, players will be able to stake and unstake assets with ease and perform various in-game functions. The mission is to farm waste and through various staking, burning and minting mechanics to generate Energy. The Energy NFTs can then be staked for IXT in the largest staking pool. The Energy staking pool is the largest of all staking pools. To start, each player will need to activate their first 6 tiles through staking tile contract A , where each tile will serve as a slot for the user to stake their assets. Players can decide to stake PIX, Territories, tech and structures on top of their mission control tiles. On every tile, players can stake one piece of land (PIX or Territory NFT) as well as one other tech and structures asset, which includes drones and facilities all contributing to the creation of energy in some way. Mission Control will be ever evolving to capture the rich and diverse set of assets the AoC can own and utilize. It is meant to provide a concise and consolidated way of viewing assets without the loss of complexity or in-depth data.

Mission Control will be the first step into the Free-to-play & Play-to-earn metaverse, and the staking reward pool for staking assets in Mission Control will be the largest pool in the entire IXT vesting schedule.

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