Energy is produced by staking your Facility. The level and tier of your Facility, times the power of your land, determines how much Energy is produced.

A single PIX gives 1 Power AREA Territory gives 3 Power SECTOR Territory gives 4 Power ZONE Territory gives 5 Power DOMAIN Territory gives 6 Power

The Facility can be upgraded all the way up to LVL 3. This means that a LVL 3 Facility together with an AREA Territory produces 9 Energy (3x3).

The tier of your Facility & Land also dictates how fast Energy is produced.

Outlier: Produces Energy every 24 hours Common: Produces Energy every 20 hours Uncommon: Produces Energy every 16 hours Rare: Produces Energy every 12 hours Legendary: Produces Energy every 8 hours


Energy Staking will take place on IX.Foundation.

A.O.Cā€™s can choose to stake for $IXT or PIX rewards for the $IXT staking pool; When a player stakes their Energy NFTs, they need to match the amount of Energy staked with IXT in a 1:1 ratio.

The monthly reward pool will be distributed like the regular Single Staking; a certain amount of tokens per day divided amongst the stakers as a function of the amount of energy that they have staked.

There are some criteria for the full size of the token pool to be distributed. This depends on how many Facilities are minted and where the full pool is released when 30,000 facilities are minted.

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