Welcome to NetEmpire where players to can trade their PIX as they wish. I.e a free market where supply and demand rule. The Marketplace fee is set to 5%, and will be distributed differently depending on if the PIX is traded in a landmark zone or not. If a traded PIX is located within a Landmark zone, the entire 5% fee will be collected by the Landmark and distributed to stakers of that very Landmark NFT. If the PIX is traded outside of a Landmark zone, then 2.5% of the fee goes into the Planet IX treasury for future in-game rewards, and 2.5% will be burned. The 2.5% burn will make IXT deflationary. As the marketplace develops further the fees might be subject to change. The power of decentralization is that the players will be able to have a voice in any changes made to in-game functions. Their game. Their market. Their rules. The Marketplace is the core of Planet IX and is always developing to further improve our players' user experience. We advocate adaptation, change, and innovation to all of our A.O.Cโ€™s - and we want to lead by example. As this vision slowly comes to fruition, we will not rest. We envision a marketplace that will eventually cover all digital assets across all chains. This essentially means that we will challenge the biggest players in the crypto space - a goal we wonโ€™t reach without the help and hard work of our A.O.C. In the coming quarters, we will focus aggressively on building a marketplace with functionality that can outcompete all other marketplaces. Every. Single. One.

Main menu - Where you will be able to see all settings in NetEmpire

Marketplace - Here you will be able to see all available PIX to acquire by bidding or "Buy now" functions

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