All transactions on the Planet IX Marketplace are facilitated by our native utility token IXT. It's operating on the Polygon Mainnet and now that we have distributed the tokens you need to add the token adress to your Web3-Wallet in order to access your holdings.
In this guide we will guide you through the process of adding the IX Token to your MetaMask.
First, click "Import Tokens" in your MetaMask App.
In the field "Token Adress" you need to insert the token contract adress for IX Token. Simply copy and paste the adress down below.
Token Adress: 0xE06Bd4F5aAc8D0aA337D13eC88dB6defC6eAEefE
It should look like the picture above, and after you have pressed "Import" then it will look like this on your homepage:
Congratulations! You can now review your total holdings of IXT in your Web3 Wallet.
Last modified 9mo ago
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