Connecting my MetaMask to Polygon

Go in to your MetaMask extension in your browser (preferrably Chrome) and then click the drop-down list to toggle between the networks.
In the dropdown menu your default choice will most likely be the Ethereum Mainnet, but we need to add a new network in order to access Polygon. So click “Custom RPC”.
After you’ve done that you will reach the network settings page and the fields should be populated with the following credentials:
Network Name: Polygon Mainnet New RPC URL: https://polygon-rpc.com/ Chain ID: 137 Currency Symbol: MATIC Block Explorer URL: https://polygonscan.com
So it will look like this:
After you click “Save” you will be re-directed to your wallet and it should look like this:
Congratulations! You have now successfully connected the Polygon Network in your Web3-wallet. You just need to add some MATIC tokens and then you're ready to transact!
At any given time you can switch between the Ethereum Mainnet or Polygon, just click the dropdown-list and you can toggle between the different networks.
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